Airport Details

Istanbul (LTFM)
Closest City: Unknown

Class: Bravo
Elevation: 325'
Frequencies: Tower [X] Ground [X] ATIS [X] Approach [X] Departure [X] Clearance Del [X]
Runways (max length = 13,549'):
16L/34R12,317' x 148'
16R/34L12,357' x 197'
17L/35R13,525' x 197'
17R/35L13,549' x 148'
Approach Details

Gates / Startup Locations:
ClassCountMax Aircraft Size
B 93 A-10, C208, Citation X, CRJs, P-38
C 210 A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
D 15 757, 767, C-17, C-130, MD11/DC10
E 134 A340, 747-400, 777, 787
F 2 A380, 747-800
Total 454
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