Recent Changes

February 27, 2019

Support more complex airport STARs and SIDs.

  • Enable defining crossing restrictions per route versus globally for the airport.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes
Glide slope now extends to 5,000’ above airport elevation vs. 4,500’.
Fixed incorrect display of glide slope due to some nav data issues (at least YSCB runway 35 was impacted).
* Fixed missing gates / startup locations on the gate detail page.

February 16, 2019

A huge release focused on approach scenarios.

  • Display predefined (nearly always real life) STARs / SIDs for an airport. As of the release date, there are / were 25 airports with routes defined. Many more being worked on. Credit is due to @Bobby, @NathanHope, @Captain Zen, and @jeffrey1o2 for doing a tremendous amount of work to create the definitions for these routes.
  • If you hover over or tap on an aircraft on the map, its flight plan will be displayed. You can click on the aircraft (non mobile only) to have the flight plan remain visible until you click somewhere else.
  • Show nearby airports on the map including, for the first time, uncontrolled airports. Optionally display airspace rings for nearby controlled airports.
  • Show intercept altitudes on map.
  • Display nearby fixes and VORs within 50nm of the airport. Tapping / long pressing on point will cause the label to remain visible when you hide the nav points again. Great for finding points that correspond to terrain!
  • View details for an airport’s runways. See the magnetic heading, intercept altitudes1 and more.
  • On tablets and non mobile devices the map includes a summary of traffic that stays current when updates are enabled.
  • It is now much easier to tap on an aircraft on mobile devices.
  • There are now have 208 airports with terrain
  • You can now hide terrain if desired - it helps with visualizing routes.
  • Tweaks to the display of minimum safe altitudes to make it easier to find peaks that are very small but require a higher MSA.
  • Lots of other tweaks to map zoom behavior