Tips for using the map page

Aircraft Symbols and Colors
  • Aircraft are assigned symbols based on their airspace. Tower is a square, approach is a triangle (triangles look a bit like an ‘A’) and aircraft in neither airspace are circles. Aircraft with a flight plan that ends at the airport are considered inbound and colored green. Non inbound aircraft are blue. Note that flight plans that end at a fix close to the airport are not treated as inbound. If you need a reminder, when you hover over an aircraft the tooltip that appears will show the airspace the aircraft is in and whether it is inbound or not.
  • Click the update button to keep aircraft positions and traffic stats up to date. Aircraft positions are updated every second based the last altitude, speed and heading obtained from Infinite Flight. Approximately every 20 seconds new data is retrieved from IF. Aircraft that are turning and/or changing speed will appear to jump slightly when new server data is received.
  • When you Show Nearby Nav Points you can click (long press on mobile) to continue to show the nav point and label after hide the other nav points.
  • You can press the Show Nearby Airports button repeatedly to cycle through different levels of detail (just circles -> circles with labels -> circles with labels and airspace). Note that only controlled airports have their labels displayed to reduce clutter. You can always hover over (tap on mobile) airports to view their code.
  • On a mobile device the Measure button disables moving the map with the touch and drag gesture while you have measure mode enabled. You can still pinch zoom and move the map with two fingers. Turning measuring mode off by clicking the Measure button again restores normal behavior.
  • The Approach button turns green if there are routes defined for this airport.
  • Show Nav Points shows nav points the author of the airport’s routes deemed useful. Typically these are adjacent to terrain or used by many routes.
  • When a route is displayed you can click the Route Labels button repeatedly to cycle between labels, labels with crossing restrictions and no labels.
  • Selecting a runway from the list of runways and/or a direction will filter the list of routes available. It will also show all routes that meet the chosen criteria with no labels.
  • Route labels and crossing restrictions only when routes have been specifically selected in the routes field. I don’t show them when all the routes for a given runway(s) / direction are shown to reduce clutter.
  • You can hover (tap on mobile) over points on a route to see their name and any crossing restrictions.
Nav Points
  • When you click / tap Apply, the page will refresh and any entries in to the “Fixes/VORs” or Routes boxes will be included in the URL for the page. You can then share routes you have created with others by copying the browser’s URL.
  • Infinite Flight style coordinates are supported. Note that IF coordinates are in degrees and minutes … not decimal degrees. For instance KSEA is at 47.45° north latitude and 122.31° west longitude. These coordinates are in decimal form and are often written as 47.45, -122.31. Infinite Flight requires degrees and minutes. In that form KSEA is located at 47° 27’ north latitude and 122° 19’ west longitude. Those coordinates are then expressed as 4727N/12219W.